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5 Ways to Bounce Back From Daylight Savings Quickly

The older I get the more daylight savings seems like some sort of sick joke. Right when we start getting a little glimpse of the sun back for early morning runs, daylight savings kicks in and snatches all hope away. I’d enjoy the extra time in the evenings if I wasn’t almost passed out on my couch…

Building A Strong Aerobic Base

Winter Base Phase Recap

Where has the time gone! Last time I wrote about my running I was a week out from wrapping up my winter base phase. I survived my last 70 mile week and topped it off with a monster 11 mile marathon paced tempo/long run pacing a couple friends who are training for Boston. I’ve never…

Spring races in Kansas City

4 Must-Try Spring Races In Kansas City

You’ve wrapped up winter training and somehow managed to stay consistent through the colder months. Now is your time to shine. Show off those new fitness gains this spring at the races that’ll give you the most bang for your buck. Kansas City’s race scene has blown up in recent years but combing through pages…